Will lunch be provided?

Yes, a box lunch will be provided on-site including vegetarian, dairy free and gluten free options.

Will live questions be answered?

Yes, Q&A sessions will be available as time allows.

How do I follow up with speakers?

Follow up questions should be directed to SupplierDiversity@capitalone.com.

Do I have to pay for parking?

No, parking is at no charge.

Is there a dedicated spot for luggage?

Yes, we will have a dedicated spot at check in.


Is pre-registation required?

Yes. Registration will be open June 3rd through Aug 30th.

Will I need a photo ID to be allowed on site?

Yes, you will need a physical photo ID when you check in.

Will the list of attendees be shared?


Working with Capital One

How do I get more information on development programs?

Please review Capital One Supplier Diversity Programs webpage OR Email SupplierDiversity@capitalone.com and program details will be shared.

How do I do business with Capital One? How do I register in your portal?

Email SupplierDiversity@capitalone.com and portal registration details will be shared.

How do I become a certified business?

Email SupplierDiversity@capitalone.com for benefits and details on becoming certified.

Virtual FAQs

Is there a virtual option?

Yes, for select sessions. Category Strategy Sessions are in person only.

Will I be able to ask questions? If so, how?

Yes, a chat function will be available to answer questions as time allows.

Where can I find the zoom link?

The Zoom link invite will be sent out no later than a week from the Summit event.

Will the recording be made available?

No, the recording will not be made available.